Vacuum Pump Manufacturers in Ahmedabad

Eject system is a reputed manufacturer and supplier of vacuum pump manufacturers in ahmedabad. Industries require transporting gases and vapors at low pressure and a wide range of vacuum pumps manufactured in our production plant is highly efficient to meet their purposes. High-quality materials and application of the latest technology are the two basic principles in the production of a single stage water ring vacuum pump. Our engineers are specialized, skilled and experienced to custom design vacuum pumps that are suitable for various industrial applications. Quality and excellence in performance are the two main attributes of our products, and it makes us number one supplier of vacuum pumps across the nation.

Close Couple Water ring Vacuum Pumps
Mono Block Water ring Vacuum Pumps

Single Stage Water Ring Vacuum Pump

Eject System produces a wide range of single stage water ring vacuum pump. Motor, speed of rotation and suction capacity differ in each vacuum pump, and thus we strive hard to fulfill the demands and requirements of our clients. High-grade materials such as stainless steel used ensure high durability, reliability and quality of the pumps we supply from our manufacturing unit. When you choose us as the supplier of water ring vacuum pump in India, you not only receive highly durable and long-lasting pumps but also custom-designed products that are at par with industry standards. The prices of all our products are competitively fixed, and thus our clients receive them at a cheap rate. Contact us today to select from a wide range of water ring vacuum pump suitable for your industry requirements.our Vacuum Pump used ion following Machine like Sigma Mixer, reaction Vessel ETO Sterilizer and many More.

Monoblock Vacuum Pump Models: 1 HP TO 15 HP

Model Power Capacity Vacuum Water Sealing
E 25 1HP/2880RPM 25 M3/HR 700 MM OF HG 1 LPM
E 35 2HP/2880RPM 35 M3/HR 700 MM OF HG 2 LPM
E 45 3HP/2880RPM 45 M3/HR 700 MM OF HG 3 LPM
E 80 3HP/1440RPM 80 M3/HR 700 MM OF HG 4 LPM
E 80 3HP/1440RPM 80 M3/HR 700 MM OF HG 4 LPM
E 110 5HP/1440RPM 110 M3/HR 700 MM OF HG 5 LPM
E 220 7.5HP/1440RPM 220 M3/HR 700 MM OF HG 9 LPM
E 330 10HP/1440RPM 330 M3/HR 700 MM OF HG 12 LPM
E 440 15HP/1440RPM 440 M3/HR 700 MM OF HG 14 LPM

MOC of Vacuum Pump

  • Casing (C.I. IS 210 FG 260)
  • Casing Cover (C.I. IS 210 FG 260)
  • Rotor (SS 304)
  • Control Plate (SS 304)
  • Adjustment Screw (SS 304)
  • Ball Support (SS 304)
  • Strip : Teflon



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