Our vacuum systems can be built with vacuum boosters and ejectors backed by a rugged EJECT SYSTEM vacuum pump. These systems are custom engineered by the experts at EJECT SYSTEM to ensure an efficient and economical solution suited for your unique process needs.

Engineered vacuum systems with boosters are multi-stage systems including one or more vacuum booster pumps and a primary pump. Vacuum boosters are always installed upstream of a primary pump, which discharges to atmospheric pressure. Systems with vacuum boosters have significantly higher performance than the primary pump alone. This means faster pumping speeds and deeper vacuum levels.

What Are Vacuum Boosters?

Vacuum boosters are positive displacement, two-lobe rotary blowers. Very tight running clearances enable the pump to operate efficiently without lubrication in the process chamber. The lobes, which are synchronized by timing gears in the oil box, convey the gas from the inlet to the discharge along the inner wall of the casing.  The gas flow path is short, therefore reducing condensation and material buildup in the pump. Various materials of construction and shaft sealing options are available to meet process requirements. Vertical and horizontal flow installation options are also available.


EJECT SYSTEM multi-stage systems with vacuum boosters are robust and rugged, offering the following benefits:

  • Higher pumping speed and deeper vacuum than a primary pump alone
  • Reliable system operation due to the expertise of NASH applications engineers who ensure selection and system design meet process and safety requirements
  • High flexibility due to potential for customization of system features and components
  • Economical & efficient solution with favorable total power consumption for the total pumping speed
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