Monoblock Vacuum Pump

Eject System is a prominent Monoblock vacuum pump manufacturer, specializing in the production of oil-free and clean vacuum pumps. Our products are used in a variety of industries including the medical, food and beverage, and semiconductor industries. All of our pumps are 100% oil-free, which means they are not only a more environmentally friendly option but they also produce less noise than traditional vacuum pumps. We also offer a wide range of customization options to ensure that our pumps meet the specific needs of each individual customer. As leading Monoblock vacuum pumps suppliers in India, we offer a wide range of products that cater to different industrial applications. Our products are high on performance and quality, and are backed by excellent customer support. We have a wide distribution network that enables us to reach out to customers across the country.

Monoblock Vacuum Pump Models: 1 HP TO 15 HP

Model Power Capacity Vacuum Water Sealing
E 25 1HP/2880RPM 25 M3/HR 700 MM OF HG 1 LPM
E 35 2HP/2880RPM 35 M3/HR 700 MM OF HG 2 LPM
E 45 3HP/2880RPM 45 M3/HR 700 MM OF HG 3 LPM
E 80 3HP/1440RPM 80 M3/HR 700 MM OF HG 4 LPM
E 80 3HP/1440RPM 80 M3/HR 700 MM OF HG 4 LPM
E 110 5HP/1440RPM 110 M3/HR 700 MM OF HG 5 LPM
E 220 7.5HP/1440RPM 220 M3/HR 700 MM OF HG 9 LPM
E 330 10HP/1440RPM 330 M3/HR 700 MM OF HG 12 LPM
E 440 15HP/1440RPM 440 M3/HR 700 MM OF HG 14 LPM

MOC of Monoblock Vacuum Pump

  • Casing (C.I. IS 210 FG 260)
  • Casing Cover (C.I. IS 210 FG 260)
  • Rotor (SS 304)
  • Control Plate (SS 304)
  • Adjustment Screw (SS 304)
  • Ball Support (SS 304)
  • Strip : Teflon
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