Mould Temeperature Controller Horizontal Pump

Eject System is one of the leading Mould temperature controller horizontal turbo pump manufacturer in Ahmadabad. Our system is built on traditional values at the same time, fully open to new technologies in crafting a Horizontal turbo centrifugal pump for MTC for our clients. We are a fully established manufacturing unit comprised of specialized engineers who enjoy what they do and deliver for our clients across the nation and abroad. As a reputed mould temperature controller manufacturer pumps in Ahmadabad, we supply products that are required for industries such as plastics, tyre, rubber molding etc. Turbo pump for mould temperature controller is required to avoid uneven supply of heat through the melt.


  1. Application for Water and Oil Medium , With 120 Degree And 200 Degree Respectively
  2. Attractive Appearance , with quick dismantling and maintenance
  3. Constant flow rate , high pressure and noise lower than 85DB
  4. Silicon carbide mechanical seal arrangement
  5. Body, cover Bronze Parts and Impeller SS 316L Arrangement


  • Mainly used in industrial recirculating Hot water , and Recirculating Hot Oil for Temperature controller unit
  • Agriculture irrigation and draining water supply
  • Upto 200 degree Oil Circulation

Working Principle

High Speed Impeller roation allow liquid obtain energy and pressure has been escalated,

To avoid cavitation pump body and inlet pipe shoud be full of water / oil before running pump

As impeller rotates fast water/oil is splashed out to centrifugal force and a generate vacuum in impeller center will formed with atmospheric pressure. Oil / water source is pressurized in to inlet pipe though pipe network . its continues circulation process.

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