EJECT SYSTEM began operations in 1979 with the manufacturing of vacuum pumps in a number of different sizes and capacities. Over the years, the company has seen exemplary growth and today, it is one of India’s largest vacuum pump manufacturers & exporters with a production capacity of up to 15,000 M3/hr.

An ISO 9001:2015 certified company; & CE Approved Vacuum Pump Manufacturing Company EJECT SYSTEM has successfully maintained the highest levels of customer satisfaction through the influx of quality control measures in all areas of operations. The company holds regular training and educational programmes, which help create an environment that encourages their employees to provide products and services that meet the expectations of its clients.

A resourceful and visionary management team, backed by over 50 employees in the group, has made EJECT SYSTEM a name to reckon with in not only the national markets, but in a number of foreign countries as well.


  • Talented Workforce
  • Complete Client Satisfaction
  • Transparent Dealings
  • Ethical Business Policies
  • Wide Distribution Network
  • Competitive Pricing Structure
  • On-time Product Delivery
  • Professionals with rich industrial experience and technical abilities
  • Flawless Products with Superior Standards, and Excellent Performance
  • Consistent After Sales Services
  • Most Satisfactory Maintenance Services
  • Quality Management System

Vacuum Pump Application

  • Automobile industry
  • Electric Lamps and Tubes mfg
  • Medical rocess which require suction
  • Glass Coating
  • Sowag System
  • Cement Industry
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Sugar Mills
  • Process Ind
  • Power Plant
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Treatment Plant
  • Oil-Distillation Plant
  • Vacuum Filtration
  • Extracting Moisture
  • Mineral Beatification
  • Ash Handling
  • Hospitals
  • Oil Refineries
  • Coal Washeries
  • Mines
  • Fertilizer
  • Textile Railways
  • Dehydration
  • GLS lamps freeze Drying of food vacuum metallurgy
  • Thin Film Coating
  • Evaporation
  • Plastic Ind
  • Breweries
  • ETP Plant
  • Food Processing & Meat Packaging
  • Pneumatic Conveying
  • Handing
  • Rubber Manufacturer
  • Laboratories Printing
  • Wood Working
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